Semeiotic is now also on Crowdcast and Patreon!

See My Prior Events Now On Crowdcast! Free!

The two ‘Test Events’ and the first four regular events for my new “Semeiotic – Reading the Sings of the Times” Patreon Channel are now available, free, on Crowdcast in replay mode. All contain substantial content and together offer a good preview of the regular events to follow. Please have a look at all of them and then join us for the events to follow. Here are the links to them:

Initial [First] Test Event:

Second Test Event:

First Regular Event: (“Where’s Durham“)

Second Regular Event: (“Impeachment – The Mouse is in the Trap“)

Third Regular Event: (“How Deep the Swamp“)

Fourth Regular Event: (“The Courts – Federal Districts to SCOTUS“)

While there will continue to be free events on Crowdcast in the future, there will also be some events limited to members on Patreon. But for the most part, paid memberships  are simply intended to provide a means for folks willing to support my work to do so while also staying in closer touch with me. I am and will be most appreciative of whatever you might be willing to offer to support my work! Thanks!