Trump, Putin, US Law, and China

The single most important news out of today’s (Monday, July 16, 2018) summit is the importance of the 1999 “Treaty with Russia on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters” (which, under the US Constitution, is as much a part of US law as any laws passed by Congress!) and its impact on the Meuller Investigation (a.k.a. “@neverTrump anti-@realDonaldTrump witch hunt”).

You can read the full text of the treaty here:

Propaganda, Fake News, and the Deep State

‘Fake news’ is far from being the Internet-induced innovation that contemporary historically ignorant pontificators make it out to be. On the contrary it is, like propaganda and the ‘deep state’, as old as human society on this planet. The external aspects change over time, but the underlying forms remain as they long have been

The Road to November (2018)

The Road to November (2018): There will, no doubt, be much to keep us amused and entertained on the political front over the next six months but nothing, no single story, is as likely to be directly decisive for the future course of the USA (and the world) as the mid-term US elections that will be held exactly six months from today (May 6, 2018) on Tuesday, November 6, 2018! Stay tuned


Spy Versus Spy

There seems to be a major ‘spy vs. spy’ aspect of Mueller’s attempted ‘soft coup’ to depose President Donald J. Trump that is merely the superficial tip of the iceberg of long-standing battles between sharply divided rival ‘deep state’ factions within the US military, intelligence, and foreign relations/policy establishment.